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The Gymnasium of the Horse

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The Gymnasium of the Horse

The Gymnasium of the Horse bookby Gustav Steinbrecht

First published in the late 19th century, this book is truly a work of remarkable coherence, comprehensiveness and depth of understanding. Steinbrecht’s reputation as a master in the art of dressage makes The Gymnasium of the Horse a cornerstone of equestrian literature. Originally published in German; this translation into English is from the 10th German edition by Helen K. Gibble. Sections include: Rider’s Seat and Aids; Purpose of Dressage; Systematic Training of the Horse; School Movements; Epilogue.

This is a scarce title and long awaited by the many dressage enthusiasts who are familiar with the thoroughness with which Steinbrecht first addressed this subject. 319 pages.

Book - $39.95


The Gymnasium of the Horse book - $39.95



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