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Mercury’s Flight - The Story of a Lipizzaner Stallion
(for readers 9 years old and up)

Mercury's Flight - The Story of a Lipizzaner Stallionby Annie Wedekind

This book by Annie Wedekind is from the Breyer Collection of books written about the most popular Breyer horse breeds. Although it was written for ages 9-12, it is a charming book that adult Lipizzan enthusiasts will enjoy.

In pre-World War II Austria, life for Favory Mercurio, a Lipizzaner colt born at the renowned Piber stud, begins with his mother's abandonment. From that moment on, the young stallion feels as if he is different, as if he is missing a piece; but despite his doubts, this colt has talent enough to be accepted into the famed Spanish Riding School. “Mercury,” as he comes to be known, perseveres through the rigors of his years of training because of his exceptional intelligence. But then, as the war bears down on Vienna and the school is forced to flee two advancing armies, his beloved trainer and rider, Max, with whom he has formed a deep bond, is suddenly gone, and Mercury feels abandoned once again. Will he have the chance to become one of the great Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, or will he lose the people, horses, and home that he loves? Colonel Podhajsky and famed Chief Rider Polak appear in vividly drawn cameos in this book, which is perhaps not historically accurate, but none-the-less enjoyable.

Mercury’s Flight = $6.99


Mercurys Flight Book - $6.99



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