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Kottas on Dressage

Kottas on Dressageby Kottas-Heldenberg and Julie Rowbotham

Kottas on Dressage -- that says it all. This is a new book from Herr Kottas, former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding. A distillation of the practice and philosophy of dressage, this guide is instructive to those who aspire to classical horsemanship principles. Kottas describes how a rider must first train themselves in correct posture and a thorough understanding of the aids before attempting to train the horse. Next, he highlights the value of establishing rapport with the horse, enhancing the animal’s mental responses, and developing its physique with groundwork before progressing to training under the saddle. Filled with detailed notes and remedies for common problems, this book focuses on thorough, incremental development of the basic gaits, explains the value and execution of the lateral exercises, and introduces advanced work including tempi changes, pirouettes, piaffe, and passage.


Kottas on Dressage - $39.95





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