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Horses of the German Army Book

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Horses of the German Army in World War II

Horses of the German Army in World War IIby Paul Louis Johnson

This big book is not about Lipizzans. However it is a historical work about the use of horses, including well-bred warmbloods, by the German Army in World War II. This book is filled with hundreds of interesting photographs of horses being trained, ridden and driven. There are photographs of tack, farriers, grooms and veterinarians.

Horses, not motorized vehicles, made up 80% of the transportation of the German Army (despite common misconception.) Horses pulled everything an army needed in the field by wagon or on their backs. More horses were used in World War II than in any other war in history. This book also includes text from the U.S. Army Military History Institute. Contributors to this book were among the most knowledgeable the German army could provide, and their conclusions constitute a critique of what probably was the last mass use of horses in warfare.

If one really wants to understand the performance and tactics of the Wehrmacht in World War II, one must understand the horse and its logistic requirements.

This book contains one of the most comprehensive photo collections of men and the equipment of horse-mounted troops.


Horses of the German Army in World War II - $59.95





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