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Buffalo Bill and the Indians DVD

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Buffalo Bill and the Indians
(or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson)

Buffalo Bill DVDStarring Paul Newman, Joel Grey, Harvey Keitel, Geraldine Chaplin, Denver Pyle, Kevin McCarthy, Will Sampson, Pat McCormack, Shelley Duvall and Burt Lancaster and a cast of 500 (with Pluto Calcedona, father of Pluto Bona, starring in the role of Buffalo Bill’s own horse.)

This movie features Pluto Calcedona, father of Pluto Bona, in the role of Buffalo Bill’s own horse. In the satiric comedy directed by Robert Altman, Buffalo Bill (Paul Newman) plans to expand on his own successful Wild West show by hiring Chief Sitting Bull to appear in the show. However, Sitting Bull has his own hidden agenda, involving the President of the United States and General Custer.

Watch for the not so subtle humor: the smallest man speaks through the biggest megaphones, Buffalo Bill’s famous long hair is actually a wig, Annie Oakley’s props are held by a very shaky Frank Butler who does get shot occasionally, and Buffalo Bill’s simple solution to his excessive drinking is to have only one drink a day, but his glass is a huge loving-cup that holds at least a quart of whiskey.


Buffalo Bill DVD - $19.95
Buffalo Bill Blu-Ray - $29.95



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